On software dogmas

I love coding. I don’t care about the language I use, or the technology. I care about solving difficult problems, about creating something from nothing.

I grew up believing that software is philosophy, knowledge, way of thinking. I still do. However, I have to admit that based on the things I have seen since I started working in the industry, I believe that more often that not, we stumble across stubborn people, that get grumpy when technical decisions are not what they agree with, without having the exact technical knowledge to back their opinion.

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A Showcase of Ambient Intelligence appliances

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Those were some very busy months. One of the highlight of those months, was work done for Atcom NEXT, a yearly event where we get to show the future of technology put some of our ideas into practice, and create high-profile proof of concepts. There were a lot of innovations that stranded out during the event, the ones I got involved in was everything regarding the mobile applications, the burger ordering system (read below) and the ‘coffee / non ordering system’.

It wasn’t easy, and it required as much critical thinking as it required development. Much work has been done for all aspects of the event, but I would like to spend of little time writing for just two of them. While reading these lines, keep in mind, that the whole event was the product of a team effort.

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REST Client in Swift with Promises

Diving deeper into Swift, I am examining different ways of improving my architecture, and making the best decisions when creating new applications. For me, architecture and expressiveness  in the code is much more important that a complicated algorithm that boosts performance over 100%.

One thing I am called to do very often, is set up an HTTP client that will handle network operations, access tokens, and perform bandwidth throttling. So, I would like to share with you my idea of approaching the creation of an HTTP client with Swift.

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R.I.P. iGreekNews part 2

In an unexpected turn of events, I was forced to take down iGreekNews. In short, Apple didn’t like that iGreekNews consults RSS feeds from various sources. I find it strange, considering that the purpose of RSS is to be free, and it is a means of communicating with news sources.

In any case, I cannot continue supporting it or try to mess with lawyers in order to gather any evidence that Apple may require. My full day job doesn’t leave me enough time to do that.

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