R.I.P iGreekNews & iMe

I hate good-byes but this one is long overdue. Yes, I have decided to let iGreekNews and iMe die, and withdraw it from the App Store. It has been a long and exciting journey, however, one must know when to say good-bye and take down one of the most successful applications released some years ago.


I always wanted to study abroad. When I started my Bachelor’s degree, I said that my MSc would be abroad. Never knew why I said that, I didn’t even know if I would attend a  Master’s course. I never thought about it again, until I graduated obtaining the diploma of Engineer of Automations. I looked… Continue reading

Idea Crisis (Reposting)

A while ago in my old blog I had posted in Greek an article, that had many views. Lately, I have been requested to re-post the article. The article is about the upcoming economic crisis, and it dates back in 2010-11-07. It’s in greek, and the original title is “Η κρίση των ιδεών”.

JSONkit and Exception handling

Having troubles with JSONKit and nil and null exceptions in occasions you can’t understand? This thing happened to me when trying to use something like “self.textview.text = [dictionary valueForKey:@”someKey”];” and I couldn’t understand why I kept receiving extensions about mismatch of the classes and NULL.