R.I.P. iGreekNews part 2

In an unexpected turn of events, I was forced to take down iGreekNews. In short, Apple didn’t like that iGreekNews consults RSS feeds from various sources. I find it strange, considering that the purpose of RSS is to be free, and it is a means of communicating with news sources.

In any case, I cannot continue supporting it or try to mess with lawyers in order to gather any evidence that Apple may require. My full day job doesn’t leave me enough time to do that.

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Code updates

I have taken some time to update my GitHub repository, who has been lonely as of date. While developing code for my projects at the university, I came to realise that much of this code could prove useful to others.


First thing I did was to update the pop service for iOS¬†library. The library is constructed to work with Chris Miles’ excellent CMPopTipView library, and improve automatisation of the appearance and disappearance of the pop tip views. The need for this came from the time I needed to construct a live demo with functionality from the application, so we needed to present and dismiss pop tip views automatically and at arbitrary time intervals.

Consider this code, taken from CSPopViewService.h

And here is how it is actually used:

This will have the following effect:

  1. It will present the ‘pop’ object pointing at the first bar item 2 seconds after the command is given.
  2. It will present the ‘pop2’ object pointing at the second bar item 1 second after the ‘pop’ item will appear.
  3. It will present the ‘pop3’ object pointing at the second bar item 2 seconds after the ‘pop2’ item appears. The other 2 pop items will be dismissed when ‘pop3’ appears.

That way, you can make presentation or tutorials within your application. You will not need to worry about threading or timers, since all timers can be cleaned up using the -stopAllTimers function. The best place for this function is the -viewWillDisappear function inside your view controller.

Sequential Reader – seqreader

Sequential Reader is a (little for the time being) file reader that I made, aimed at facilitating parsing files. I wanted a system that is fast and memory efficient, and can parse a file line by line. I had some line-by-line parsing to do in a HUGE file, to complete a project for the university. Turns out that many people had the same request as me, as Apple did not provide an easy way to do that.

Anyway, CSFileReader was created for this purpose. Just instantiate the reader with the file path, its encoding, and then assign a delegate to it. While parsing, the file will send you callbacks through the delegate functions, with the line that was read in NSString format.

I will have to invest some more time to these libraries to make them more mature. I will also have to create a new repository for CSWatchDog, a nice simple wrapper around GCD timers, aimed at facilitating working with events about to be fired after a few seconds. More on this, and updated code, soon.

iGreekNews updates for iPhone and iPad


After a long time, iGreekNews and iGreekNews HD for iOS have finally been updated. And it was about time.

Some of the changes are welcome, and have been requested many times by users.

— Renewal of the source websites. Removed many sites that do not work, and added new ones.
— Bug fixes. iPhone version should not crash when adding a custom URL anymore.
— Faster browsing
— Stability issues fixed.
— Sharing with Facebook and Twitter fixed. Now newer devices will use the iOS’ implementation of these services. to post.

The update is not without compromises, however. Due to changes in the codebase, iGreekNews stops to support iPhone 3G anymore, due to the minimum iOS requirement set to iOS 5.1. This change was necessary, as it’s time to start getting rid of old reduntant code that resulted in error-prone methodologies. Not to mention that even Apple’s own tools to not make it easy to test any application in older iOS versions if you don’t have a device dedicated to this purpose.

Lately development in all my projects has been stalled. And for good reason. I’m trying to cope with my studies and at the same time push development on new projects I want to get involved in. Stay tuned, as more updates will follow.

** RELEASE ** Michanikoi

I am proud to announce that a project for which I have developed the iOS application (Michanikoi) is now released.

With this application you can:

— Calculate the cost of the¬†energy audit for houses situated in Greece.
— Answer all your questions regarding energy audits and general questions regarding it.
— Find nearby mechanics or by using criteria on a map.

You can view the application in the App store by clicking on this link

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taxiplon a Global Mobile Awards Finalist

I am happy to announce that a project I am taking part to, taxiplon is now a Global Mobile Awards 2012 nominee in the category of Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive, Transport or Utilities.

You can read all about the competition here: In there you can find other nominees in other categories, too.

The new taxiplon platform offers a wealth of information for the taxi driver and the taxi company, along with access to a new customer base that is constantly evolving. You can visit taxiplon’s website at http://www.taxiplon.com/ .


Lately, I have been involved in a project called taxiplon.

taxiplon stands as a platform for taxi traffic, aimed at both taxi drivers and passengers. For taxi drivers, it provides them with an interface for acquiring all sorts of useful information about their shift, such as ship and airplane arrival times, pharmacies and hospitals open, etc.

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iGreekNews HD 1.6.1 and iGreekNews 1.9.1 Released

It’s been a busy week for Oramind, mainly since iOS 5.0 broke many features of iGreekNews. So after the initial bug fix update for iGreekNews HD and iGreekNews a number of new issues came up.

The latest versions of iGreekNews (1.6.1 for the iPad and 1.9.1 for the iPhone) bring a number of enhancements to the fluidity and the stability of the application. First of all, the parser whould be faster and more reliable now. So does the downloading procedure. Which means that you will surely experience faster download times.

Most importantly, the bug with the “bad urls” was fixed completely. This is a very serious fix. I cannot stress this enough. The “bad url” sign was created because at some point under very specific situations the local cache of iGreekNews became corrupt. A cache clean would get you rid of the issue, which is what I replied to users requesting help about this, but I believe that now you can say goodbye to this problem once and for all.

iGreekNews for the iPhone also implements services. It’s a small feature, that intends to be bigger in days to come.

Last but not least… if you experience caching problems with iGreekNews, please redownload the application You won’t be charged for redownloading. Much code has changed inside the application, and sometimes, a reinstall is needed.

iGreekNews HD 1.5.4 fixes iOS 5 problems, iGreekNews update coming soon

iGreekNews HD 1.5.4. came out yesterday, and fixes all problems that iOS 5 users had. It also fixes facebook and twitter compatibility and adds minor enhancements to the fluidity of the UI. It is highly recommended for all users to update to the latest version.

Also, iGreekNews for iPhone is in the works, and will bring major bug fixes and new features to the successful application for iOS. Will require iOS 4.1+. Stay tuned!

iGreekNews HD Problems with iOS 5: Soon to be fixed

After updating to version 1.5.3, users if iGreekNews HD with iOS 5 installed are unable to view the front pages, and have experienced crashes, lockups, screens that wouldn’t do away when pressing the back button, and many other problems.

We are aware of all these issues, and we have already submitted a buf fix release to Apple. In a few days, version 1.5.4 will solve all incompatibilities with iOS 5.

Thank you for your understanding.

Unilib Beta 0.5 released

Unilib beta 0.5 is now released. This update is important, as it fixes the broken update system of the previews versions, and the bug where the application would become unresponsive with large libraries.

You will need to redownload the application from the website in order to restore the broken update system. After that you will be able to update Unilib from withing the application without closing it.

You can download the newest version of the application here.

ULC New beta almost ready, fixes broken update system & broken features

Thank you all for your interest in this beta. The initial release had 800 downloads, before people started sending me mails about problems that arose while using it. Remember, this is still a beta, and the reason I am releasing it as a beta before uploading to the Mac App Store is because I knew that due to the complexity of UNIX calls that produce large amounts of output bytes on OS X, and due to NSFileHandle parsing and changing library headers with plain C calls (as it happens now on Unilib), I would end up having problems.

It seems there were some problems with the original release, as I hadn’t taken into account the different processor architectures for each one using OS X. For starters, allow me to say that I’m sorry for any problems that you may have encountered, but, hey… That’s why the word ‘beta’ exists, and that’s why I mentioned earlier that there will certainly be problems with this release. The new beta, fixes many problems, and will also fix the broken update system, so you will have to download it again from this server in order to properly update it using the auto-update feature in the future.

Here is some explanation about the problems that appeared in the initial release:

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** Release ** Unilib Creator (beta)

ulciconUnilib is now released. This is a small project I have been working in my spare time (which is very limited nowadays). It was created to facilitate operations done to and with dynamic and static libraries on iOS and OS X.

More importantly, it allows you to build FAT static libraries on OS X and iOS, saving you the trouble to put #ifdefs into your code to link against two types of library, depending on the platform you are buildinf for (arm or i386).

Yes, it’s geeky, but I have found it useful. The UI can certainly be improved, and it will be in the future, until this app is no longer in beta stage, and will be distributed into the Mac Application Store.

You can view more information by clicking on this link.

Small Update

It’s been a while since I have updated the site, and for the most part, it’s real life’s fault. Real life problems tend to suck life from programmers

However, I should mention that I am working on a new application that will target the Mac platform, and my real time job involves a project that will soon be released for the iPhone. So, in terms of creativity, we are going very well.


Stay tuned…