JSONkit and Exception handling

Having troubles with JSONKit and nil and null exceptions in occasions you can’t understand? This thing happened to me when trying to use something like “self.textview.text = [dictionary valueForKey:@”someKey”];” and I couldn’t understand why I kept receiving extensions about mismatch of the classes and NULL.

Fedora 15 on a Mac: Optimizing

I love Fedora. I believe it to be the best Linux distribution out there. Consistent features optimized for the GNOME desktop environment make one heck of a package. However, I believe that I should write a small tutorial about the problems one may encounter with Fedora installations on a Mac and how to solve them.

PCRE for iPhone

Lately, I’ve been working on a project requiring heavy use of regular expressions on Cocoa. Foundation frameworks do not offer built in support for regular expressions. Instead, they do heavy work using NSScanner, and NSPredicate classes.  A framework was created to solve this problem, called RegexKitLite, but it’s heavy use of and linking to Apple’s… Continue reading