A few words

My name is Christos Sotiriou and I am the developer behind Oramind’s Projects. I work as a professional Software Architect, with specialization on iOS, OS X, and NodeJS , offering code-level support and guidance to projects.  

I began programming when I was 12 years old, in 1998. My first application was written in AppleScript, and was a folder / file automation droplet tool (kinda like A Better Finder Rename). I am Greek, and back in 1998 you couldn’t find any software development books, so I had spent nearly one month learning Applescript’s syntax through trial and error, and by trying to figure out what Text Edit Plus was doing (back then, I had received a CD of MacFormat magazine, and it had it in it as shareware – yes, shareware! remember those?).

Some years later, I invested time into C++ and Objective C, I was featured into Total Hacker (accompanying magazine of the RAM monthly magazine) for my contribution to FS2_Open. Then, I after some small projects for some clients of mine, I built iGreekNews, which stayed in the Greek top 10 for 2 years, (died in 2015 from Apple). I then joined Taxiplonfinalist of Global Mobile Awards 2012.

I left my job as an iOS developer in Greece and I decided to leave for France, to attend one of the most difficult and greatest schools, Telecom SudParis. I did it because I didn’t want to stick to iOS. Instead, I wanted to learn the concepts behind both object oriented and and functional programming, and have the ability to learn new things. It was extremely hard, and also magnificent at the same time. Never regretted it.

I returned to Greece because of the sun. I made some really cool apps, for big companies (see which). Initial implementor of iGreekNews for iOS (top greek news app for 2 years), Taxiplon. Other notable projects: Novasports.gr for iOS, My CU for iOS. Full CV Here.

This site was created because I really needed to have my own little place on the internet, where I could put my thoughts, whether this involves software engineering or not.

Below are my social media links. Feel free to see my current and past projects, and some of the code that I have developed.


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