My name is Christos Sotiriou, and I am the developer behind Oramind’s Projects. I work as a professional Software Architect / Team Leader, with a specialization in iOS, OS X, and NodeJS, offering code-level support and guidance to projects.

I have maintained, developed, and launched multiple projects from scratch, and many of those were very high-profile.

Personal projects of mine have used radically new technologies like Augmented Reality (since 2014), and I have received awards and distinctions for applications like iGreekNews (iOS app released in 2009 and remained in the top-3 paid apps for 2 years).

During my professional career, I have developed and been part of high-profile projects like Vodafone's Kubernetes Middleware, the Vodafone CU app, Taxiplon (Global Mobile Awards 2012 finalist), Pizza Hut app. I also architected and implemented development SDKs for iOS and NodeJS applications. I am also involved in projects requiring deep knowledge of containerized environments/microservices.

I never miss an opportunity to learn something new and get out of my comfort zone by exploring new areas.

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