Fedora 16 on Macbook Impressions

Fedora 15 was a mixed bag of impressions for me, but overrall, it was a nice update… or should I say, a nice revamp? Fedora 15 took a giant leap backwards by depriving the entire OS of many features

Fedora 15 on a Mac: Optimizing

I love Fedora. I believe it to be the best Linux distribution out there. Consistent features optimized for the GNOME desktop environment make one heck of a package. However, I believe that I should write a small tutorial about the

Linux On PS3 Installation and Setup Pt.1

I have finally did it. I took the plunge to install Linux on my PS3. Installation was easier than I thought, wjile setup was much harder. Read on in order to save time and to setup everything without going through

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