I just installed Fedora 15 on my macbook pro, and I must admit, Fedora using Gnome 3 is probably a step in the right direction in order to make Linux simpler and more intuitive to use. My dual-screen setup works out of the box both my Macbook Pro and iMac 2006 (both ATI and nVidia). However, one thing that was not working was the wireless drivers.

I use akmod-wl for my wireless setup, and I wasn’t so surprised to see that akmod-wl was not available for Fedora 15. So, upon searching and searching I found that the only way of enabling wireless is to download the Broadcom drivers for linux from their official website and then installing it. If you get compilation errors, you will need to apply the patch (a small file listed directly under the drivers) and then try again.

However, if that doesn’t work for you, I have searched and found some pre-compiled drivers that in my case, work flawlessly. If you want to try them, here is a link: