Working for personal projects without burning out

There are some among us who just can’t sit tight, and feel the urge to create something on their own. Most of the time this ‘something’ will end up never seeing the light  of day. It has happened to

On software dogmas

I love coding. I don’t care about the language I use, or the technology. I care about solving difficult problems, about creating something from nothing. I grew up believing that software is philosophy, knowledge, way of thinking. I still

Atcom Next (2016)

Atcom next is a yearly event where Atcom is presenting the future in digital transformation.


iOS framework, the backbone of the most successful apps in Greece.

REST Client in Swift with Promises

Diving deeper into Swift, I am examining different ways of improving my architecture, and making the best decisions when creating new applications. For me, architecture and expressiveness  in the code is much more important that a complicated algorithm that boosts

R.I.P. iGreekNews part 2

In an unexpected turn of events, I was forced to take down iGreekNews. In short, Apple didn’t like that iGreekNews consults RSS feeds from various sources. I find it strange, considering that the purpose of RSS is to be

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