Mobile application / Realtime web service

Developed the food ordering backend system and the mobile application.

  • Developed NodeJS server for the realtime food ordering and kitchen management system.
  • Developed the iOS application with AR capabilities (interactive Augmented Reality) where a 3D model is being displayed on top of a physical invitation as part of the invitee's invitation acceptance process.
ATCOM Next | Be Paranoid
Can perceived paranoia be turned into result-oriented, business-ready innovation proposals? Hand-picked keynote speakers, cutting-edge real life installations and much more to come, are about to set the ’16 strategic ground of businesses!

More information about the event can be found in my article here:

A Showcase of Ambient Intelligence appliances
It’s been a while since my last blog post. Those were some very busy months. One of the highlight of those months, was work done for Atcom NEXT, a yearly event where we get to show the future of technology put some of our ideas into practice, and create high-profile proof of concepts. There were a l…