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Freespace 2 Launcher for OS X

A launcher for the Freespace 2 port to OS X (FS2_Open), a critically acclaimed game by Volition Inc.
Freespace 2 Launcher for OS X

Released in 2007

Fs2_Open is a source port of the critically acclaimed game Freespace 2 released in 1999 by Interplay Entertainment, developed by Volition Inc.


Since the source code became public by the developer the community made a huge effort in bringing it to Linux and Mac OS X, and to support more advanced features that the technology of the time back in 1999 did not allow the game to have. Features like bump-mapping, advanced lighting effects, and improved sound.

The source port page can be found here: http://scp.indiegames.us/

So the game would be transformed from this (1999):

To this (2007):

To take advantage of the new features, the game should be launched with additional parameters which should be dynamic - i.e. would be read by analysing each updated version of the executable.

I created the Launcher for OS X which served as a companion to the Fs2_Open executable  that does exactly that, and constructs its user interface based on the features of each version of FS2_Open executable.

FS2 Open Launcher OS X 3
FS2 Open Launcher OS X will allow you to change the command line arguments ofFS2_Open (the open source port of Freespace 2 from Volition) without having tomess around with the command line file that resides into the user’s Library. Itwill also allow you to change the resolution of the game. It wa…

This allowed the user to take advantage of Fs2_Open's new capabilities and improve the player's experience.

For my work in Fs2_Open Launcher, I got an honorable mention in the Total Hacker Magazine in April of 2007 ( companion magazine, distributed with the RAM magazine in Greece).