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Rapid Choice (iPhone)

Rapid Choice (iPhone)

Rapid Choice is the best Rock-Paper-Scissors game for the iPhone featuring Bluetooth competitive play, smart AI for single player game, and great music tracks by Sotiriou John.

Built as proof of concept for the upcoming SFCocoa for iPhone and OS X connectivity via bluetooth, it grew up to be a very fun game. Runs very well on the iPhone 3G with good network performance.

–Special effects and animations
–Live environment and simple and clear user interface.
–Surreal sound effects and music by John Sotiriou.
–Graphics design by Thanos Roussis and John Kastritis
–Multiplayer using bluetooth (2 players). Play with your friends!


Visit Rapid Choice at its dedicated website.

Get Rapid choice at the itunes store at itms://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/rapid-choice/id387774660?mt=8#