Rapid Choice (iPhone)

Rapid Choice is the best Rock-Paper-Scissors game for the iPhone featuring Bluetooth competitive play, smart AI for single player game, and great music tracks by Sotiriou John. Built as proof of concept for the upcoming SFCocoa for iPhone and OS

Kapositas Plastic Surgery Reference

Kapositas Plastic Surgery reference is an application for plastic surgery.This application includes articles, photos, video, plastic surgery news and more and is available in two languages Greek and English This project created by Dr Nodas Kapositas, Athens,Greece an

iGreekNews (iPhone/iPad)

iGreekNews is the premium RSS reader for the iPhone and the iPad. Featuring 75 Greek websites and 600 RSS feeds preinstalled, it is certain that you will be have at your disposal thousands of new articles each day. The original

iMe (iPhone)

Did you ever had the need of keeping some data private? Off the eyes of other people? Wether that data is a photo, a sound or recording, or your home alarm’s password, iMe will do just this thing

FS2 Open Launcher OS X 3

FS2 Open Launcher OS X will allow you to change the command line arguments of FS2_Open (the open source port of Freespace 2 from Volition) without having to mess around with the command line file that resides into the

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