Code updates

I have taken some time to update my GitHub repository, who has been lonely as of date. While developing code for my projects at the university, I came to realise that much of this code could prove useful to others.

Qrator Mobile Application

Qrator is a revolutionary new service that allows you to capture your memories by associating sounds, music and photos, and sharing these memories with others. Collect experiences, not things!

JSONkit and Exception handling

Having troubles with JSONKit and nil and null exceptions in occasions you can’t understand? This thing happened to me when trying to use something like “self.textview.text = [dictionary valueForKey:@”someKey”];” and I couldn&

Small Update

Well, it’s a sad day today. Remember about project Unicorn? It was a project I started a few months ago before I joined the army. I stumbled upon a problem no one could help me, so I abandoned

Taxiplon Mobile Apps (2011)

Taxiplon was a pioneer in taxi calling, with its advanced fleet management and fluid UI. It was also a Global Mobile Awards Finalist 2012.

** Release ** Unilib Creator (beta)

Unilib is now released. This is a small project I have been working in my spare time (which is very limited nowadays). It was created to facilitate operations done to and with dynamic and static libraries on iOS and OS

Thoughts on Singletons

There are sometimes where some things keep bugging me in terms of programming. I often keep asking myself and others about utilizing the best techniques to solve various programming problems and applying certain concepts in a program. Most answers I

iGreekNews HD 1.2/ iGreekNews 1.8

iGreekNews 1.8, followed by iGreekNews HD 1.2.1 are out. I know I promised that I would deliver the updates sooner, but technical reasons kept me from doing so. Not to mention that I have been involved in

•• NEW RELEASE •• iMe for iPhone

And the story goes on…  At last, I am glad to announce a new release of Project Soulstorm, an iPhone application called   iMe.  Developed by Sotiriou Christos, founder and active developer of Project Soulstorm, iMe’s


iGreekNews and iGreekNews HD were the most successful and technically advanced news readers in Greece.

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