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YouTruck Active iPhone, iPad, NodeJS

A complete solution that allows the user to play videos on top of YouTruck Magazine's pictures using the camera.
YouTruck Active iPhone, iPad, NodeJS

Release: 2014. Mobile application + Web Admin UI.

Developed for YouTruck.gr, one of the first AR applications that leveraged the AR capabilities of the mobile devices.

‎Youtruck Active
Το πρώτο βίντεο (Augmented Reality) περιοδικό για το επαγγελματικό όχημα σας καλωσορίζει στις διαδραστικές σελίδες του και σας προσκαλεί να ανακαλύψετε έναν ολόκληρο θησαυρό από πληροφορίες και βίντεο! Κατεβάστε δωρεάν την εφαρμογή Youtruck Active στο smartphone ή το tablet σας, σκανάρετε τις σελί…

The complete solution includes an administrator tool for YouTruck's editors, where they are able to upload videos for cover stories. They would also be able to associate the videos with images from the physical edition of the magazine.

The user can download the free YouTruck Active application from the App Store, open it, point the camera on top of the magazine and watch the image of the physical page come to live with a video about the cover story playing on top of it!

Ειδήσεις & Νέα από το χώρο του επαγγελματικού οχήματος - YouTruck
Στο YouTruck μπορείτε να ενημερωθείτε με νέα, ειδήσεις, παρουσιάσεις από το χώρο του επαγγελματικού οχήματος. Το καλύτερο portal για επαγγελματίες οδηγούς.

For the mobile application, a custom, video streaming, and rendering-to-texture solution were found to provide the Augmented Reality capabilities.

My solution regarding rendering to a texture while streaming a video at the same time was featured in Vuforia's forums as a solution to a long-standing problem, and I wrote a piece about it here:

Vuforia SDK + remote video streaming on iOS
I recently have undertaken a project on iOS that requires integration with the Vuforia SDK [https://www.qualcomm.com/products/vuforia]. It’s an augmentedreality proprietary framework, built for iOS and Android and has been verypopular due to its innovative recognition library. One of the coole…

The web admin is built on the MEAN stack and allows uploading videos and associated with an image that, when recognized by the camera, would play the video on top of the recognized image.

Features and technologies:

  • Augmented Reality (using Vuforia)
  • GeoLocation
  • Web Server written in NodeJS
  • UIKit
  • OpenGL for rendering the streamed video on top of an OpenGL texture.