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iGreekNews HD 1.6.1 and iGreekNews 1.9.1 Released

It’s been a busy week for Oramind, mainly since iOS 5.0 broke many features of iGreekNews. So after the initial bug fix update for iGreekNews HD and iGreekNews a number of new issues came up.

The latest versions of iGreekNews (1.6.1 for the iPad and 1.9.1 for the iPhone) bring a number of enhancements to the fluidity and the stability of the application. First of all, the parser whould be faster and more reliable now. So does the downloading procedure. Which means that you will surely experience faster download times.

Most importantly, the bug with the “bad urls” was fixed completely. This is a very serious fix. I cannot stress this enough. The “bad url” sign was created because at some point under very specific situations the local cache of iGreekNews became corrupt. A cache clean would get you rid of the issue, which is what I replied to users requesting help about this, but I believe that now you can say goodbye to this problem once and for all.

iGreekNews for the iPhone also implements services. It’s a small feature, that intends to be bigger in days to come.

Last but not least… if you experience caching problems with iGreekNews, please redownload the application You won’t be charged for redownloading. Much code has changed inside the application, and sometimes, a reinstall is needed.