R.I.P. iGreekNews part 2

In an unexpected turn of events, I was forced to take down iGreekNews. In short, Apple didn’t like that iGreekNews consults RSS feeds from various sources. I find it strange, considering that the purpose of RSS is to be

* Release * iGreekNews 2.0 for iOS

One year after I took down iGreekNews (along with iMe), I decided to re-implement iGreekNews using a new approach. It was time to put my NodeJS skills to good use, and construct an API around news feeds, and RSS, and

R.I.P iGreekNews & iMe

I hate good-byes but this one is long overdue. Yes, I have decided to let iGreekNews and iMe die, and withdraw it from the App Store. It has been a long and exciting journey, however, one must know when to

Code updates

I have taken some time to update my GitHub repository, who has been lonely as of date. While developing code for my projects at the university, I came to realise that much of this code could prove useful to others.

iGreekNews updates for iPhone and iPad

After a long time, iGreekNews and iGreekNews HD for iOS have finally been updated. And it was about time. Some of the changes are welcome, and have been requested many times by users. — Renewal of the source websites. Removed many

** RELEASE ** Michanikoi

I am proud to announce that a project for which I have developed the iOS application (Michanikoi) is now released. With this application you can: — Calculate the cost of the energy audit for houses situated in Greece. — Answer


Lately, I have been involved in a project called taxiplon. taxiplon stands as a platform for taxi traffic, aimed at both taxi drivers and passengers. For taxi drivers, it provides them with an interface for acquiring all sorts of useful

iGreekNews HD 1.6.1 and iGreekNews 1.9.1 Released

It’s been a busy week for Oramind, mainly since iOS 5.0 broke many features of iGreekNews. So after the initial bug fix update for iGreekNews HD and iGreekNews a number of new issues came up. The latest

iGreekNews HD Problems with iOS 5: Soon to be fixed

After updating to version 1.5.3, users if iGreekNews HD with iOS 5 installed are unable to view the front pages, and have experienced crashes, lockups, screens that wouldn’t do away when pressing the back button, and

Unilib Beta 0.5 released

Unilib beta 0.5 is now released. This update is important, as it fixes the broken update system of the previews versions, and the bug where the application would become unresponsive with large libraries. You will need to redownload the

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