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iGreekNews HD Released

Yes, it’s true, at last. My first application for the iPad. I began working on it some time ago, and it is now finished.

I receive positive reviews and feedback from the users, and I have already submitted patch 1.0.1 that will rectify some minor problems that were bound to plague the original release. End users are always the best testers.

I have also began working on a headline improvement branch. It is highly unstable, that’s why I am working on it as a separate branch as the original app, but the main idea is to be able to take advantage of the newspaper cover you are reading in the form of data and process it in many ways.

I must admit that while working on iGreekNews (both applications) I stumbled across many problems regarding memory leaks that were not cause by my code. One such case was UIWebView from Apple, that serves as a way to display a web page inside the application. No matter what I did, memory was leaking. This issue has been reported by other users as well, and it is a well-known problem with Apple’s implementation of WebKit. It has been bothering me for months, and I have managed to make some improvements (which version 1.0.1 will hopefully extend).

On to many other improvements.

You can download iGreekNews HD here.