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** RELEASE ** Kapositas Plastic Surgery Reference

I am proud to present you with a new application for the iPhone, Kapositas Plastic Surgery Reference.

Kapositas Plastic Surgery reference is an application for plastic surgery.This application includes articles, photos, video, plastic surgery news and more and is available in two languages Greek and English. Cosmetic surgery is carried out to refine and reshape structures of the body and face in order to improve one’s appearance, confidence and self-esteem. Reconstructive surgery is undertaken where abnormalities in the structure of the body and face have occurred due to trauma, burn , congenital (birth) anomalies, breast surgery, tumor extirpation, with a view to enhancing one’s body and/or facial functionality and appearance.

This project created by Dr Nodas Kapositas, Athens, Greece an international Plastic Surgeon member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with a cooperation with Christos Sotiriou Cocoa Developer and member of the Soulstrom Project. The application Includes articles,photo Gallery, educational video, Plastic surgery news (Rss feed) and more…

The site of the application is at http://kapositas.soulstorm-creations.com/ and the application can be downloaded for FREE from the application store at this location.