Instayacht iOS App

Instayacht iOS App

Released: 2017

The Instayacht iOS application was developed to facilitate travelers to meet boat owners in an Airbnb-like fashion. The application was intended for both boat owners and passengers.

The application had the following features:

  • Registration via Facebook APIs
  • Personalized push notifications for ride updates, offers
  • Digital payments via the Paypal SDK
  • Asynchronous networking

To cope with the UI complexity, I used Texture (formerly known as AsyncDisplayKit) to create a React-like programming model.

8 months with Texture (a.k.a. AsyncDisplayKit)
I have to admit that I love React & React Native. I began using React in 2014,and React Native in 2016. I loved RN not because of its cross-platformmechanics, but for its pragmatic approach when designing user interfaces and itsability to componentize a screen. A component can have its own state,…

The company is now defunct, so the application is not on the App Store anymore.