I always wanted to study abroad. When I started my Bachelor’s degree, I said that my MSc would be abroad. Never knew why I said that, I didn’t even know if I would attend a  Master’s course. I never thought about it again, until I graduated obtaining the diploma of Engineer of Automations. I looked at the diploma, and I thought how good it would be if I put it into good use and actually take advantage of it to know more about the things I really liked. I had a decent job, and my life seemed as it had actually started to take shape and say “OK, this is what you are going to do from now on”. I liked it so far, to be honest, but It seems that my inquisitive nature could not let me rest. I decided that I wanted more, and that there were things that eluded me in Software Engineering.

59501 10151361404004516 1132487736 nI applied in a Master’s course in France, in a TELECOM SudParis, and I got in. I arrived in France at the end of August, and I started refreshing my French the hard way. Few months later, I find myself struggling with projects for the school and personal financial administration. Returning to Greece for Christmas left me with a questions about whether I made the right choice giving everything up and returning to student life.

Much of my insecurity comes from the fact that I have now began to realise that I now know what made me pursue further education in Software Engineering, although I had a job as an “iOS software engineer”. I felt there was a problem with the phrase in quotes.

The “iOS” part.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the iOS platform, its consiciveness, its design patterns, and the capabilities it provides to developers, and I do not intend to give up on it yet. However, for the last 2 years, I tried to find the time to learn a new platform, learn some more design patters, use other languages. And I didn’t find it. Part of being a Software Engineer is also to learn mathematics notations behind software, reusing code, doing some team management, and many other stuff. Since I wanted to know more about these things, and I would invest time anyway doing it, I figured I may as well do it correctly, and dedicate myself for two years in this.

So far, I am enjoying it, no matter how hard it is. I just wish I had some more time to start a new project and implement it myself. I have a few ideas in mind.