My CU (Greece)

My CU (Greece)

Originally Released in 2015, it has been of the most innovative apps of its time. I wrote the original 2015 version in Objective C.

Some of its features (version 2015 - Objective C)

  • Advanced Map usage (live refresh of thousands of elements, performant even on low-end iPhone 4 devices)
  • Never-before seen handling of animations (tree-level table views, custom transitions from one point to the other)
  • Reactive Networking, which allowed the developer / maintainer to easily make parallel and sequential requests with minimal effort.

I also led the rewrite of My CU from the ground up in Swift using TapVolution in 2017 during my employment at Atcom S.A.

‎My CU
Με μια κίνηση:- Συνδέεσαι, χωρίς εγγραφή, με τα CU data σου- Τσεκάρεις υπόλοιπο- Παίρνεις πακέτα- Ανανεώνεις χρόνο - Ενεργοποιείς τους 1+1 CU Around κωδικούς σου- Δίνεις ΜΒ δώρα στους φίλους σου- Λαμβάνεις προσφορές μόνο για σένα- Ξαναγέμισε το πακέτο σου με τη νέα υπηρεσία Refill! …κι αν ζ…

Screenshots apply to the newer version.